Board of Discipline



Board of discipline

Bayram KAYA Chairman of the Disciplinary Board
Mehmet Taner KOCA Disciplinary Committee Member
Selcuk YENİCE Disciplinary Committee Member
Musa ÇELİK Member of Disciplinary Committee
Hasan ARTIK Member of Disciplinary Committee
Evren ALTUNKAYA Member of the Disciplinary Committee

According to Article 21 of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey and the Law on Chambers and Commodity Exchanges numbered 5174, the disciplinary committee of the Chamber consists of six permanent and six substitute members elected for four years from among those registered to the chamber by the assembly.

Duties of the chamber disciplinary board

To carry out the disciplinary investigations of the members registered in the Chamber in accordance with the procedures and principles stipulated in this Law and the relevant legislation.
To propose to the assembly that the members registered to the chamber be disciplined and fined.