The Message of The President

Our President


The Message of The President

Dear Members and People of Kırşehir,

Kırşehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a century-old plane tree that started its activities in 1914. It is a great honor to be a member of such a valuable Chamber and to be deemed worthy of the presidency that has been undertaken by very valuable personalities for a hundred years. I would like to thank our members for giving me this honor.

People, tasks are temporary; Institutions are permanent. Kırşehir Chamber of Commerce has made important strides in the name of institutionalization in recent years; has achieved high standards by completing its accreditation. Such a room would befit the capital of the Akhism.

We achieved this with the courage we received from the great favor of you, our esteemed members and our people.

To always do better; to find solutions to the problems of our business people and commercial organizations; We are on this mission to move Kırşehir’s trade and industry forward and to increase employment.

A Kırşehir with a high level of welfare is our common goal. Everyone who hammers a nail in this beautiful city, puts a stone on top of each other, has a place in our heads. We will continue to carry out this task in communication with all our stakeholders, with a participatory structure and a common mind.

Many thanks to all of you for your support; I wish you healthy and happy days.